Hand Crafted Tile

Hand Crafted TileGlass mosaic tile is the new, ever-popular trend of contemporary decor for homes and commercial lots. At Tile & Stone Collection Inc. we create these and other styles of tile by hand to give you a wholly unique look. What makes hand crafted tile so miraculous is that not only is it great for floor and wall designs, but the each distinct look gives the decor a powerful statement for every property you step foot in. At Tile & Stone Collection Inc., our tiles do just that!

We have a wide range of mosaic art and ceramic tile that are fit for your home or commercial property! Whether you’re looking to spell out your restaurant’s name on the wall with favored colors or you want to install a beautiful mosaic mural for an elegant decoration, we have all the options available to you to give your lot that unique touch. Moreover, we are more than happy to provide tile installation to ensure that your artistic backsplash or floor is installed perfectly.

At Tile & Stone Collection Inc., we are a prime supplier of stunning glass, ceramic and marble tile to bring some colorful character to your residential or commercial property. If you are seeking to add some personality into your home or commercial building, contact Tile & Stone Collection Inc. in Sarasota, FL and see our fine selection of tile that is fit for you!